Enjoying Online Currency – Websites and Social Media strategies that work.

“We have a website” is a phrase we hear often. “Ok, I’m looking at your website, it says it was created in 2013 is that right?” “Well I guess so” answers the prospective client.

Let’s cut to the chase – 2013? You may as well say “No I don’t have a website”. Why? Because there have been so many advances since then. Your website is probably for all intents and purposes, invisible.

Firstly, websites these days are viewed predominantly on Mobile Phones and Tablets. These views account for more than 80% of all searches made. In the past people had PCs and iMacs that lived in their studies or bedrooms. The action used to arc up from about 4pm when the secondary school students arrived home from school. Not so now. Desktop searching is predominantly done from offices and home businesses. Desktop websites alone provide poor results from Google in terms of effectiveness. Without a mobile version, be it an ‘app’ or simply an adapted version of your Desktop website, you are not ranked as responsive and will be missing out on over 40% of your possible web traffic.

Content is King or Queen (depending on your preference).

Back in the day, it was all about the images and your ‘SEO’ company’s ability to manipulate keywords. Now there is not only a minimum number of words required on each page, it’s of paramount importance to have web content through Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, articles in online magazines, Videos embedded on your website and on YouTube all pointing to and validating your current content. Content must have relevance or you simply don’t rank.

This requires some effort and a degree of skill in targeting your preferred audience or market. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn it all requires constant posts and clever planning to achieve your place at the forefront of those trying to achieve the same goals – visibility, website traffic and enquiry.

There are no free lunches. Whether you decide to use Google AdWords or Facebook, to be effective costs money. Facebook (and now Instagram which it owns) have made it abundantly clear that without payment, a business or person can only ever achieve less than 15% of their potential audience. It’s simply the way the Facebook behemoth has created its algorithms. Pay to play or go away!

Advertising is about gaining the attention of your market.

Over 12,000,000 people a day log-in to Facebook in Australia alone. As a comparison, the record number of people watching a Free-to-Air Television program was in 2018 when over 2.62 million people watched the AFL Grand Final. Book an advert with Channel 7 on that day and it will likely leave you little change out of $1million. Get to up to 3 million people a week in Melbourne on social media? Our guess is probably $3000–$5000 over 6 days minimum on Facebook will achieve you 660,000 views. Admittedly, it’s not linked to a premium event, but rest assured it will get out to the audience you have targeted, directly and personally.

Want to learn more? Get a professional website – responsive, intuitive and appealing. Develop an effective Social Media campaign that bumps up your Google ranking, and offers its own very real customer connectivity.

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‘No Likes’ means it’s time for a dose of Commercial Reality on Instagram.

Oh no! No published likes on Instagram posts. Here at MBC we’ve been expecting this or similar since it has merged with Facebook and the Facebook behemoth now rolls on. The way it works is pretty simple. Show us the money honey!

Facebook owns and operates Instagram, Facebook ‘Messenger’ and WhatsApp. It is a commercial enterprise. No, it’s not open source, yes, you do surrender your privacy when you sign up and yes your personal activity, likes and dislikes will be onsold to those buying consumer data – so we’re straight on that right?

BUT – it is and can be for you a very powerful business tool. Social Media has largely replaced newspapers, free to air television and radio with the Y Gen and younger population. X Gen walked away years ago. Over 12 million people log onto Facebook daily in Australia. Why wouldn’t you want to be there?

Be there effectively. Spending $150 on a properly targeted boosted post is one hundred times better than a page full of hashtags. Treat Facebook as a funnel. Cast widely and offer the baubles and shiny things that particularly appeal to your audience.

As of now, Instagram is essentially a paid for service. Again, develop your targeted demographics, keep in mind it’s all about images, immediacy. By paying to boost your posts you will be guaranteed of reaching a far bigger audience – without the need to recourse to an ‘influencer’. Frankly you’ll be better off with an informed marketeer well versed in social media. It’s worth considering the cynical response – Instagram used influencers to develop the platform and increase the overall traffic. Having served their purpose, it drops them. Management re-takes control of the medium – “You want to win? Follow ‘our’ processes.”

We warned our clients up to two years ago this day was coming. Most as a result have already become well ensconced in the ‘pay to play’ methodology, gaining good brand and product recognition.

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Marketing and Branding – It’s what we do.

Why you really do need a new website – and a clever strategy to promote your business.

Today the first port of call for anyone wishing to avail themselves of a product or service is… Google.

So if you are about to promote your business and its products your website is a good starting point. If your website was built more than two years ago, it’s time to build a new one in many cases. Today 80% of all searches are done on a mobile device, so it is imperative that you have a high functioning, responsive mobile website. Some developers will tell you it has to be a mobile ‘app’. A mobile ‘app’ is a mobile website that is ‘intuitive’, in other words, the functionality is designed to anticipate the searchers next move or search methodology. In a nutshell all websites should be intuitive and enable fulfilment of the searcher’s quest in a timely fashion.


Google in one of its regular notifications on Algorithms and policy made it quite clear – to qualify as a ‘responsive’ website, it’s imperative that you have a functional fit for purpose mobile version of your website.

No doubt if you run a business with its own website you are bombarded with spam encouraging you to ‘call now’, ‘first page on Google’, ‘adjust your content to allow you to rank higher on Google’. Nine times out of ten it’s a pitch for, wait for it, a new website.

The best thing to do is to seek out a competent team that first of all understands your business, its products and services, and the marketing channels and sectors you are operating in. Don’t fund someone to learn about your industry at your expense.

connect with your market 3

The next thing is to develop a marketing communications strategy. This includes the website and its function, social media, Public Relations, traditional media and advertising. If you are in a Business to Business situation, don’t waste money on general advertising. Stimulate demand in your current marketplace – choose expansion that focuses on gaining a greater market share – or maintaining your current market share.

Use professional photography – either a proficient, industry based professional or stock shots that are of sufficient quality to separate you from the myriad of websites that are also dependant on stock shots. An experienced Graphic Designer can choose the stock shots that work best for you on your website, social media and advertising. Original, copyright shots are much better – if you can afford them.

Engage a company that can custom design your website, provide unique graphics, layout and imagery. A company that can competently provide copy that fulfils both your client’s enquiry and creates interest with Google.

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Get results with Social Media and the Marketing and Branding Company.

Anyone in business today must have an active social media presence. Active means regular posts, regular images, videos and links.

Why? Firstly to pay homage to our great new God of commerce – Google. Google is interested in satisfying enquiry. It doesn’t really care so much for you or your old desktop website. And to feed this hungry beast with content the very best diet is one of blogs on subdomains and social media.

Google analytics takes note of all social media driven interactions. It gives you a score. No score? Low ranking is your reward.



Google loves independent content that supports your website as the oracle on your particular subject matter, products and services.

Ranking is also improved with the use of Google owned platforms – Google My Business, YouTube and of course, that old favourite AdWords.

AdWords can be an expensive and frustrating undertaking for new business enterprises. Often business owners find their competitors already ‘own’ the category they are operating in. Short of spending large amounts of money for meagre returns, it’s best to focus your attention on those promotional vehicles you can afford.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 2.28.51 pm

Participation via paid advertising (boosting) on Facebook, Instagram and the other Facebook platforms – WhatsApp and Messenger can be far more effective than AdWords if a clever ongoing strategy is employed.

However a little knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing! Not only must you effectively ‘locate’ your business, you must also carefully select your ‘interests’ to shape the demographics you are targeting. Too many people are entirely precise whereas it’s a funnel approach that works best. Many viewers filtering down to 5-10% genuinely interested in purchasing your product or service.


Marketing principles apply to Social Media just as importantly as has been the case for traditional media – Television, Radio and Press. With 11 million (minimum) people logging onto Facebook daily in Australia alone, you simply can’t afford not to be there. More people now use Facebook than Free to Air Television, Radio and Press combined.

So still don’t know where to start? Call the experts. Call the Marketing and Branding Company on 03 8696 9700 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. From $600 per month plus a monthly Facebook cost of $160, we can put you in front of your preferred audience. Order now and we will set up your pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)free of charge. We offer service increments of 6 months, 12 months and beyond.

Don’t delay! Tell the world where to find you and what you do!

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Get a new Website and claim your ‘Instant Asset Write Off’ of up to $30,000

Is your website in need of a lift? Are you up to date with social media? Does your website offer an intuitive mobile application?

All beyond you? In this day and age in business you really do need to be on top of your online promotions and marketing. Does this refer to SEO? Content Marketing? Google ranking? Yes it does and much more. The simple fact is you CAN do something about it. Right now!

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 3.29.46 pm

Build that new website – with video, SEO, Social Media and professional photography and claim up to $30,000 back under the Instant Asset Tax Write Off program, valid until June 30th 2020. Do it now and claim it from this year’s financial business activity.

MBC will develop a custom designed website which will ensure your business gets noticed for all the right reasons. Content marketing will be supported via Blogs and Social Media. This will not be a ‘template’ website, it will be individually styled and crafted to effectively tell your story, make an offer and provide a very visible call to action.

What are you waiting for? Ok then here’s one more reason to jump at this opportunity. Order now before June 30th and the Marketing and Branding Company will discount your project cost by 50%. Yes that’s right 50%!

Your website will include your branding, copywriting and all graphic design and imagery. Suitable social media pages with icons and links are included. A sub-domain blog page is also included. Priced from $3000 upwards, remember:

  • You can claim an instant asset write off with the ATO
  • MBC are offering a 50% discount on all websites up until June 30th

When your website is up and functional, MBC can provide a complete Social Media and Blog service for a reasonable monthly fee.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more.

We select the options best suited to your business.

Don’t delay. Call 03 8696 9700 now or leave your details here for a prompt reply and a free no obligation quotation.

Get ahead of the pack. Rank on all the pages that matter to you with Google.

The Marketing and Branding Company.

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Marketing 101 – Online – Are you cutting it?

So you’re using automated systems to post your social media and blogs? Is it the best way to present your business, products and brand to the marketplace?

In most cases the answer is an unqualified no. Instagram isn’t called Instagram for nothing. It’s what’s happening right now. YouTube? Unless you’re creating a catalogue for the akashic records, your videos need to be fresh, vibrant and now. Facebook pages with the most followers are topical – what’s happening becomes the driver. It may be an event, news, a visual, but always it’s got to be fresh.

For simple brand confirmation? Automation is fine but it’s unlikely to do much for a small business looking to gain market traction.


Content Marketing utilises all of the social media platforms you are present on. Google acts for the searcher, not the supplier. The more information online via social media that links directly back to your website, resonates your keywords and phrases and demonstrates your immediacy to potential clients and customers the better.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Use newsworthy videos from common sources, quote articles from supportive material.

Need help? Need real marketing assistance? Experience counts. At the Marketing and Branding Company we have been doing Social Media and Website interaction forever. We know how to place your advertising and posts – on all Social Media Platforms.

Here’s an offer. Contact us before the end of June and we will give you a 50% discount on your new website. Websites that are customised with professional imagery, videos and copy can range in cost between $3K and $6K. We will also provide your first month of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) for free.

Don’t delay – now is the time to commit to a better future for your business. Talk to the experts. Get traffic. But do it with a solid Marketing Strategy.

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The Marketing and Branding Company – It’s what we do.

When DIY Doesn’t Fly, Get A Marketing Professional

At Marketing and Branding we work with a variety of business types. From small to quite large businesses, the one common denominator is Google visibility. Having a decent budget helps, but it really comes down to how you spend those valuable promotional dollars.


Content now is far more important than just Keywords. In the past SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was simply a matter of tracking Google’s AdWords hit parade of ‘Keywords’. Keywords are still very important, but equally important is the value of the content where these Keywords are found. And it’s a balancing act. You can’t simply reproduce slabs of copy from your website onto social media, articles and advertising. This will get you penalised. You need to be clever, incisive and targeted. And this really means knowing and understanding your mediums.

To be frank, AdWords is an expensive and relatively ineffective medium for many small businesses. It’s very costly to get a foothold in established sectors for a new player. Compared to other spends if your monthly spend is less than $1K per month – forget it.


There is a strong push from both Google and Facebook to attract small local businesses. Google offer ‘Google My Business’. If you are a small café, a locksmith or a motor mechanic, by all means this can work for you. Facebook offer a similar ‘Local Advertising’ option whereby your ad shows up on people’s newsfeeds when they enter a 5-10km radius of your business location. Again if you are running a small localised business fine – go for it.

However, the biggest mistake we see is where Business owners decide to run their own social media campaigns – often with little or no understanding of the platforms they have chosen to use.


Facebook – Often we see business owners posting but neither boosting or promoting their posts. This means they are limited to 15% of their potential market audience, and frankly it’s probably a waste of time.

Posts often do not have keyword usage or are simply the same content repeated. Boosting needs proper demographics. In most cases, the posters follow Facebook’s suggestions. But those are general and won’t help you. You need someone who is a Marketing professional with a skilled understanding of demographics to really achieve cut through.


Boosting in itself is a bit of an art form. If you do not specify a location, then you will be boosting within 5-40km of your current location. This may seem reasonable but with Capital Cities having 80km radius, choose a location that covers the full catchment. Using the State (Victoria, NSW, etc) isn’t sensible. Most consumers are located in the capital cities and larger provincial cities. It’s better to choose the geographic centre of the cities and do so to include nearby provincial cities. For example – Melbourne to capture Ballarat and Geelong.

The spend is important. Small amounts give small rewards. Larger amounts can provide massive cut through. But to achieve meaningful communication with your market, it’s vital that you understand the types of hot buttons those interested in your products might also be interested in. For environmental products – think relevant television shows, magazines, Government bodies and mainstream news sources that feature environmental news. An example but apply it to your situation.


Instagram seems a cost effective promotional package. It is useful for creative types, but remember, you have images only. In a very real sense building up a following can be time consuming. You need clever photographs and images, professionally created to have impact. It’s about your edge. The unique. Your USP. But for heaven’s sake – be cool! And remember – it’s owned by Facebook. Ultimately it will become a totally commercial transaction.

Each platform requires a separate strategy – LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Pinterest – each has very different core values and presentation.

In the long term, the whole rationale behind using Social Media, having a blog, getting articles published, is to achieve a higher ranking based on content proliferation. Google isn’t interested specifically in your business. It’s interested in satisfying its users enquiries. The more relevant content reflecting on your business, the higher your website will rank. But if you operate in a narrow niche market don’t expect massive traffic. However you can achieve a higher ranking in your sector.

So if you’ve been batting away without achieving any real results, give us a call at MBC on 03 8696 9700 or alternatively leave your details here and one of our team will get back to you promptly.

Remember – Content, Visuals and Promotion – the pathway to relevance. Communication with reward. Content and Branding that work with MBC.

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