Which works best Facebook or Google?

Every so often the question comes up “Which is better? Google or Facebook?”. Essentially it is in reference to targeting potential customers and clients. And the answer is simple – both but for very different reasons.



Let’s start with Facebook, its lovechild Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Facebook have access to some of the most incisive market research ever carried out – without the participants even being aware of it. The ‘pages’ you visit, the ‘groups’ you belong to, the posts you like, the ‘check-ins’ you add – all add up to an amazing summary of your consumer habits, beliefs and instincts. Facebook can offer the ability to draw exactly the people you wish to attract. It creates an algorithm that puts your paid advertisement in front of the type of people you wish to target – effortlessly.

Add Instagram to this – now predominantly a paid-for platform, Messenger and WhatsApp. In boosting a Facebook post, you automatically also utilise these platforms as well – unless you adjust it to a different preference.

It is an incredibly powerful medium. In the past two Presidential US Elections both Barack Obama and Donald Trump have successfully utilised Facebook to great effect. Trump spent millions on Facebook advertising.

He used Cambridge Analytica, a British firm to carefully target would be support, spread various appealing messages as well as misinformation about his opponent Hillary Clinton. This is now on the public record. Jeremy Corbyn and the Labor Party in Britain are currently doing something very similar resulting in the Conservative Party and its Brexit policy now being on the brink of total collapse.

Facebook’s advantage? It’s emotional, it draws emotional responses. Straight cut Search Engine enquiry is pretty simply just a glorified directory. You may get top billings with Google – first page and all that – but does it emotionally draw your audience. The answer is a resounding no.

Google is playing catch-up to Facebook. Google My Business is no where near as prolific as Facebook. It offers photographs and a bit of copy. But – Social Media it is not.

In the past, it was sensible to utilise Press advertising backed up with visual (TV) and Radio. Free-to-Air, Cable, Foxtel are now simply passe in that none of it can target your audience as effectively as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other Social Media platforms.

Now you ‘read the news’, ‘watch the video’ and ‘hear the message’ all in one place – Facebook.


That’s not to say you don’t need to rank on Google – it is all an interplay. High ranking blogs, Facebook posts, videos and articles all contribute to ‘content’ regarding your business and its products, services and brand. The more content, the higher your ranking with Google.

And you need to rank highly on Google, publish great posts on Facebook, Instagram and associated platforms. Boost posts on Facebook and Instagram using well researched demographics and locations. You will reap the rewards.

Spend real money. Better still engage an experienced professional team to produce your Social Media and Content. MBC have over a decade of creating, producing and publishing great social media. When the time comes to focus on your business call in ‘the Marketeers’ to develop your brand, its visibility and your Web and Social Media presence – MBC.

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‘No Likes’ means it’s time for a dose of Commercial Reality on Instagram.

Oh no! No published likes on Instagram posts. Here at MBC we’ve been expecting this or similar since it has merged with Facebook and the Facebook behemoth now rolls on. The way it works is pretty simple. Show us the money honey!

Facebook owns and operates Instagram, Facebook ‘Messenger’ and WhatsApp. It is a commercial enterprise. No, it’s not open source, yes, you do surrender your privacy when you sign up and yes your personal activity, likes and dislikes will be onsold to those buying consumer data – so we’re straight on that right?

BUT – it is and can be for you a very powerful business tool. Social Media has largely replaced newspapers, free to air television and radio with the Y Gen and younger population. X Gen walked away years ago. Over 12 million people log onto Facebook daily in Australia. Why wouldn’t you want to be there?

Be there effectively. Spending $150 on a properly targeted boosted post is one hundred times better than a page full of hashtags. Treat Facebook as a funnel. Cast widely and offer the baubles and shiny things that particularly appeal to your audience.

As of now, Instagram is essentially a paid for service. Again, develop your targeted demographics, keep in mind it’s all about images, immediacy. By paying to boost your posts you will be guaranteed of reaching a far bigger audience – without the need to recourse to an ‘influencer’. Frankly you’ll be better off with an informed marketeer well versed in social media. It’s worth considering the cynical response – Instagram used influencers to develop the platform and increase the overall traffic. Having served their purpose, it drops them. Management re-takes control of the medium – “You want to win? Follow ‘our’ processes.”

We warned our clients up to two years ago this day was coming. Most as a result have already become well ensconced in the ‘pay to play’ methodology, gaining good brand and product recognition.

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