The New Wave in Advertising

The large media organisations are struggling. Advertising revenues are at an all time low. Channel 10 is under administration, Channel 7 has recorded a record loss. Channel 9 is not far off in terms of revenues by way of comparison. The major newspapers are all downsizing, unable to gain sufficient revenues through click for view strategies. Even Murdoch’s News Ltd has posted a record $918 million loss (some say tax loss).


So where is advertising revenue now going? No doubt you’ve now heard the term ‘click bait’? These are those Facebook pages or Twitter feeds that create outrageously attractive false headlines, feed you twenty or more pages of images – of fallen TV stars or Hollywood icons, all the while pumping advertisements for your education and annoyance. Paid for advertising.

So when pages make hugely dubious claims about a popular political figure like Obama – you click. You were baited and now you’ve clicked. Clickbait.


But this isn’t new. Watch popular highest rating programs on free to air television like A Current Affair – ‘Single mother gives birth to quintuplets whilst on benefits’ Outrage! You tune in – and are bombarded with advertisements for consumables. It’s all about traffic, or in old speak – ratings.

But Gen Y and Gen Z and those brand seekers – Gen X have largely determined how to be entirely selective in seeking what it is they desire online. These guys know how to search and Search Engines like Google are well aware of this.


Don’t waste their time with banner adverts or Trojan adware that hitches a ride on all their browser journeys. You’re long gone, banished by AdBlock and other software.

You need to be RELEVANT to the searchers enquiry. The major search engine is Google. On social media the same demographics and targeting applies. You’re being watched! They know you enjoy craft beer and goats cheese, have a fix on action movies, dig hip-hop and are seeking inner peace.

But for those in business, what does this mean? It means you can TARGET your market very effectively – if you know how.


Google isn’t interested in what YOU say about your business, your products, it wants to know what OTHERS think of your offerings. It’s no longer satisfactory to have splendid meta tags describing the perfection of your offerings. You need content. Content on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn for starters. Google doesn’t even bother viewing meta tags anymore.

Content Marketing is THE BOMB. A synchronised, clever approach combines all the value of keyword strategy, reviews covering your products, goods or services, and links that pay major Google dividends.


Facebook can work very effectively for ALL businesses whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Having 2000 to 10,000 people view information or advertisements you post on Facebook every week gives a wild boost to your Google ranking – if you engage the right strategy. You must target your demographics carefully and you must spend some money – not much – but some money. Facebook have made it quite clear that unless you spend you can only reach a mere 15% of your audience. But if you dare spend a mere $30-$35 and target your audience carefully you could in fact reach up to 19,000 people over a couple of days. This registers against your website – if you know how.

It does require expertise. The same applies to Twitter and Instagram. Achieving followers is a very real requirement. To do so requires both topical interesting material as well as a thorough understanding of the medium. Use video, use music – select articles that reference your topic, but never provide duplicate copy (ie. copy the same as on your website).


At MBC, we have managed Content Marketing for a range of businesses for over 6 years. As a company we chose to be early adopters of the medium and our clients have benefitted with higher Google ranking, greater visibility and more enquiry.

If you’re interested in taking your place on the web – and owning it – contact MBC on 03-8696-9700 or fill out the contact form on our website here.

Be seen, be active, be profitable. Tell the world who you are, what you do, where you operate and when you can be contacted. Content – it’s the bomb. Good content and you’re the King / Queen. Speak to you soon.

Social Media = Content Marketing

Have you noticed those pesky SEO merchants are changing their tune? No longer are they fussing over your ‘keyword strategy’ on your website. Now they want to sell you a Social Media package and a Content Marketing package, WHY? Because that’s what Google wants! And what Google wants, Google gets. At MBC we’ve focussed on Content Marketing for over 5 years and those clients who were early adopters have reaped the benefits – more business, more focussed and relevant enquiries and ultimately? MORE MONEY!

It’s time to get with the program. Google has focussed its attention on Mobile Devces – mobile phones and tablets. For you website to be ‘responsive’ Google has a number of requirements. The design must fit on a phone screen. Your content (or copy) must be of a certain quantity – word strength.


It’s a great idea to have videos on your page. Use YouTube. Google will love you! They own YouTube.

Do Facebook. Have a page. Post weekly. Link to your blogs. Link your blogs to your website. Do Instagram – if you’ve got the photos. Try LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. All of it becomes related CONTENT.

Do a weekly blog of no less than 250-300 words. Supply images. Have a subdomain for this page separate to your website.


Sell things? Sell them online. Set up a shopping cart. Promote your products on other sites like Etsy and Shopify.

All too hard? Then call us at MBC and for a low monthly fee we can get you started. Call us now on 03 8696 9700 or place an enquiry here on our contact form.

Get a new website that works. Redo your brand. Address your Marketing Strategy. DO SOMETHING. You are only as good as your last advertisement.

Tune in next time for some specific project offers. And remember – you can be offered a sausage from the sausage machine – or you can get a genuine customised program from an enthusiastic group of Industry Professionals. Be you, be the best you can be – with MBC.

Halal Branding and Easter

When cultures clash there will be fallout. Take Pauline Hanson’s rather bizarre attack on Halal certification and relevant branding of Easter Eggs from the Cadbury company.

Halal certification is presented as a major issue by its opponents. Curiously Kosher certification, a standard that has been applied to foods selected to be eaten by members of the Jewish faith, has never been subjected to the same scrutiny. Nor have the allocation of profits by Sanitarium, or the gifting of funds to the Australian Christian Lobby by the Gloria Jeans coffee chain, both Christian companies.

Halal certification is simply branding. It alerts people of the Islamic faith that the particular food is considered ‘clean’. In the case of meat, the sticker guarantees the animal has been treated with dignity and respect and not made to suffer. This is a subject of great debate, with some saying the standards are antiquated.

But in many respects this type of branding is simply no different to many other ‘add on’ brands that are perceived to add value to a product. For example ‘Made in Australia’, ‘Ethical’ branding on coffee, ‘Certified Organic’ (NASAA) and others do exactly same thing as Halal certification. Each product has a very small amount deducted from the sale of each item to pay for the license that permits the product to display such branding. It is generally very low and may be as low as a fraction of a cent.

Halal certification opens Australian products up to huge markets to the North such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and other markets such as Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Qatar, etc.

All such licensing funds are overseen by ACCC legislation. Funds are tracked and monitored. With Halal certification, monies are generally directed to Education initiatives or social welfare programs organised and orchestrated by Muslim groups.

islam-halal-logoBranding is highly regulated. Trademarks must be registered. License agreements must be documented. Fund allocation must address the regulatory requirements of ASIC, the ACCC and the ATO.

So when you decide to purchase that chocolate bunny or the egg with a Halal symbol, rest easy. It’s really just another arm of marketing in action. Hope you get lots of chocolate this Easter – Happy Easter from all at MBC and have a great break.

Are You Visible on the Net?

It’s time. It’s time to claim your place. You’ve had a nice website built, got all the social media links – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. It’s time to deliver what Google tells us it will allocate searchers enquiry upon – good relevant content – across all web mediums.



You need a blog – loaded with content, published every week with a minimum 300 words. It should contain ‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’ from your website. It should have links to your website. It can refer to articles, blogs and information pertinent to your products and services. It can, in a nutshell, keep your ‘content’ fresh and renewed – and that is Google’s favoured position – you provide fresh and up to date content via blogs, site updates and external articles. Your site will achieve a higher Google ranking. You will receive more referrals from Google. Why? Because your site is relevant – relevant to the searchers enquiries. Your website is recognised as one of the best sources of information on the searchers enquiry. Why?

Because you have continually, on a weekly basis added content to your blogs with keywords and key phrases and this all points back to your website.



Repetition? No? Really? Sometimes it can actually help – but not if it’s straight off your website. Big no no.

So moving on, can videos help? It certainly can! Especially when presented on YouTube (as we said, owned by Alphabet which you probably know as Google)

From week to week look for topics that profile your business. If you run a cafe, have a set menu – talk about the items on the menu, ingredients, cooking, customer response, new items, new flavour trends – be seen and be innovative, having a point of difference.


But if you can’t spot a point of difference why do people continue to return to your business – what for? Is it the variety, the quality of ingredients, your staff, the ambience, the music, the location? Or all of the above – so tell the audience. Refer to Google Maps. Reprint good reviews. put up videos of the cook/chef in action – the barista doing a good long machiato. It’s your time to shine and there are so many simple easy ways to do it. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Trip Advisor, Eat Out… Find the options, get press releases out to Good Food, the Weekly Review, Broadsheet – there are so many great options. And when you find you just don’t have the time to do it but realise the complete importance of a regular campaign, of maintaining an online presence, of holding a strong Google ranking, call us – the Marketing and Branding Company and for a modest monthly fee (starting from $459) we will create an excellent Social Media and Blog campaign that both raises your profile and drives customers to your business.

Social Media – it’s the buzz. Get with the program

Brands That Work – Be Seen, Be Rated

Look down the street, or the train or bus you’re riding. People are viewing their smartphones. Actual calls is now but a minor issue. Your smartphone is your personal information device. Data is continually being sent to you and you are continually transmitting data. So is your website ready for this? It is responsive? Can your website be easily read on a smartphone? Do you pass the Google responsiveness test?

Do you show videos on your website? You should, especially YouTube videos. Why? Because Google gives YouTube videos very high value in ranking your website and social media activity. (Google, or Alphabet as the parent company is now known, own YouTube)

Do you use Instagram? Do you upload your Instagram to Facebook? You should. (Facebook owns Instagram)

Do you do all this yourself? You shouldn’t. You don’t have the time, the experience or access to materials that a Professional will have. Images, videos, copy – all is available if you know how. But if you don’t do it properly? No good effect is achieved and you can be penalised.

The Marketing and Branding Company offer a complete Social Media / Blog package. We achieve multiple links through our methodologies and create interesting and exciting copy – no matter what your business.

Be seen, be prominent, be profitable. You have the story, let us tell it for you. Creatively, with panache.

Social Media and Blogging keep your business, its services, its products top of mind. When people seek your products or services you WILL be their first option!

Call us now on 03 8696 9700 or contact us online for a free, no obligations quote. Prices start as low as $300 per month. Let us create real exposure and sales for your business – Now.

It’s Time.

So you wish to create a ‘Content Marketing Strategy’? What exactly is a Content Marketing Strategy?

In all the material you create (or have created on your behalf) to promote and communicate your particular business and its opportunities there must be a focus on ‘content’. But Content Marketing takes this direction and goes just that little bit further. It’s about presenting content as a business asset, driving buyers to your website and ‘owning’ your patch of cyberspace.


It’s about having a plan, and the plan is to ensure your product, your business, your service is the Google response in answering what are potential customer enquiries. To do so your website has to rank and to rank you need it to have real relevance to people’s enquiries. Google doesn’t just consider your website. it considers the links to your website, and any material published on the web referring to your business, products or services. This in fact is your opportunity to carve out your ‘place’ on the web.

In creating a content marketing program, it’s important to set goals. For instance increased page visitation based on keyword recognition, establishing links to your website on a monthly basis and developing Social Media and Blog activity in a manner that helps achieve this. In setting your strategy, consider your key business needs and those of your customers. And ensure that there is a ‘buy-in’ from all participants active in the field within your business.


It may be that your business requires an entirely new platform. Your website built 4 years ago is now dated. It’s not mobile responsive and it’s way short on Google’s text requirements. In reality what seemed like a good idea then now just doesn’t cut it in the fierce competition that is E-Commerce. Or your social media pages sit there like cobwebs with no activity on your Facebook, no increase in your LinkedIn network and no company page. You could have a sub-domain selling site with little or no difficulty on the right platform, but it’s ‘too hard’.

If you sell Architectural Mouldings, when somebody enquires about ‘Parapets’ you want to come up top of that enquiry. If you sell fine furniture or aluminium balustrading – same. Old School keyword manipulation isn’t enough. It has to be content and it has to be constant. Blogs each week of minimum 250-300 words, Facebook posts each week a minimum. Add to this YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and you’re getting there.


Get the website you need, the Content Marketing package that works and claim you place, your space on the web. Or you can always let your competitors take it. For further details, contact MBC via email or phone. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Creating Content that Informs and Sells

Imagine your customers looking forward to receiving material and information from you, then actually spending time absorbing it. You will become their reference point. Michael Nelthorpe explains why content marketing is the new way to make social media work.


Talk to your customers about their interests, not just your product or business

Web business strategy is simple: embrace ‘Content Marketing’. Content Marketing enables you to claim your patch. A simple example would be a Native Plant Nursery engaging in the following strategy:

Every week – on a separate but related page to your website, say your blog page – the nursery provides a story on its featured plants for the month. Divide this into four stories. Each story (blog) must be 250-300 words. Add pictures, videos or artists impressions to support the copy and add colour. If the varieties are available on your website then tag them with a hyperlink. (Set up a WordPress site on a subdomain to do this.)

Link each week’s blog to the previous week’s blog, but under no circumstances use the same exact sentences or phrases from your website. Duplicate copy will gain you a penalty. As well post snippets from your blog onto Facebook, Twitter and then on other social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram with more pictures and images. Do extra posts on social media, refer to your website and tag references.

Content tips

Content is the key to driving inbound enquiry and sales.

  • PPC: ‘Pay Per Click’ simply doesn’t work without good content.
  • PR: Talking to your customers about their interests – not your business.
  • SEO: The reward from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a higher search engine ranking where good content is provided.


Recently I saw Content Marketing given a well defined description: “Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focussed on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience – and ultimately to drive profitable customer action.” (Source:


Using content marketing well enables you, the business owner to change or enhance customer behaviour. It’s about regularly and consistently creating and managing relevant and valuable content, with the express purpose of actually ‘owning’ the media you’re using, not just paying for or ‘renting’ a space. Ensure an ongoing content strategy before commencing a social media strategy.


Quality, relevant content on Social Media will lift your search engine ranking

Content Marketing is an art form. It is the ability to communicate directly with your customers without the ‘hard sell’. It’s delivering information that lifts your customer’s awareness as opposed to simply putting an image and a few words in front of them as is done in traditional advertising. Good content creates an ‘informed’ marketplace where traditional advertising then triggers the knowledge already gained through exposure to Content Marketing. The reward for this is consumer ‘trust’ and ultimately loyalty – and purchases!

Google Ranking

This year Google again updated its algorithms to achieve a higher accuracy for searchers genuinely searching for information. The Google search engine is now more sensitive to detecting trickery, including false links, duplicate copy and online manipulation.


Content Marketing is the key to improving your search engine ranking

Google penalises websites with dubious links to unrelated sites or so called web-farms. Two to five years ago these were often used by less scrupulous ‘SEO’ companies to gain instant prominence. Many website owners didn’t even know that they were back-linked , with other websites linking to their site. If your website hasn’t been overhauled or checked in the past year you may have these unwanted links that Google now has the ability to detect. If so you will loose ranking until the dubious links are removed.

Effective content marketing means you can ‘own’ your patch of cyberspace. your Google ranking will improve and ultimately your business is seen as a valuable source of information with products to back that up. This means a much healthier bottom line. Get an expert to do it for you or do it yourself, but start blogging, tweeting, Facebooking or Pinning now. Own your space, it’s really worth it.