The Transition – Google/Social Media – Which is it?

Every day we see the battle of the IT Experts and the Social Media Gurus!


On the one hand we have the IT Experts going apoplectic over people opting for Social Media advertising over Google tactics. Then there are the Social Media Influencers influencing everyone to spend money with them and capture a huge slice of the market.

The truth? You want the truth? Cue Jack Nicholson “You can’t handle the truth!”. Just kidding – it’s a truth that’s simple and palatable – relax.


The real strategy is to create content, social media and an online presence that actually promotes your ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. Put simply, you’re easier to find. Your business ranks higher than your competitors.

When technology is new, the Tech Gods can tell us just about anything they like. Who is going to question them? But with technical advances permitting platforms with far better access, usability and targeting ability, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Google has become a directory tool.

The Google catch-up version of Social Media ‘Google My Business’ just doesn’t cut the mustard. It simply can’t offer the demographic access that Facebook provides on a daily basis. And… no emotion!

But here is the rub. You need BOTH. It’s not either or. With Facebook and Instagram canning ‘likes’ (no longer displaying likes), the days of the so called ‘influencers’ in our view are limited. To some extent ‘influencers’ are the new age tub-thumpers, the super salespeople of the digital age. But… no substance.


What all businesses now require is a practical integrated digital marketing plan. You will not get this from an IT expert, nor will you be satisfied with the work of an ‘influencer’. You need a strategist, a marketeer.

People who play on Social Media may know how to post. What they don’t know is how to link this to your website, your content and enhance your Google ranking. Boosting posts may seem simple but it’s not.

Social Media is the equivalent of traditional daily newspapers. Practically speaking, your location and demographic parameters are paramount in gaining good brand recognition. Your budget should be what determines your reach. Treat your traffic as a funnel that sends people in your direction interested in your products, your services, your business.

Want to know more? Call us, the Marketing and Branding Company on 03 8696 9700 and arrange a free consultation at your convenience. Or simply leave your details here for a prompt reply.

Don’t let anyone lock your business down to suit their agenda. The object of the exercise is to grow your business – not theirs. Take control – Call MBC.

Marketing and Branding – it’s what works.

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