Enjoying Online Currency – Websites and Social Media strategies that work.

“We have a website” is a phrase we hear often. “Ok, I’m looking at your website, it says it was created in 2013 is that right?” “Well I guess so” answers the prospective client.

Let’s cut to the chase – 2013? You may as well say “No I don’t have a website”. Why? Because there have been so many advances since then. Your website is probably for all intents and purposes, invisible.

Firstly, websites these days are viewed predominantly on Mobile Phones and Tablets. These views account for more than 80% of all searches made. In the past people had PCs and iMacs that lived in their studies or bedrooms. The action used to arc up from about 4pm when the secondary school students arrived home from school. Not so now. Desktop searching is predominantly done from offices and home businesses. Desktop websites alone provide poor results from Google in terms of effectiveness. Without a mobile version, be it an ‘app’ or simply an adapted version of your Desktop website, you are not ranked as responsive and will be missing out on over 40% of your possible web traffic.

Content is King or Queen (depending on your preference).

Back in the day, it was all about the images and your ‘SEO’ company’s ability to manipulate keywords. Now there is not only a minimum number of words required on each page, it’s of paramount importance to have web content through Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, articles in online magazines, Videos embedded on your website and on YouTube all pointing to and validating your current content. Content must have relevance or you simply don’t rank.

This requires some effort and a degree of skill in targeting your preferred audience or market. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn it all requires constant posts and clever planning to achieve your place at the forefront of those trying to achieve the same goals – visibility, website traffic and enquiry.

There are no free lunches. Whether you decide to use Google AdWords or Facebook, to be effective costs money. Facebook (and now Instagram which it owns) have made it abundantly clear that without payment, a business or person can only ever achieve less than 15% of their potential audience. It’s simply the way the Facebook behemoth has created its algorithms. Pay to play or go away!

Advertising is about gaining the attention of your market.

Over 12,000,000 people a day log-in to Facebook in Australia alone. As a comparison, the record number of people watching a Free-to-Air Television program was in 2018 when over 2.62 million people watched the AFL Grand Final. Book an advert with Channel 7 on that day and it will likely leave you little change out of $1million. Get to up to 3 million people a week in Melbourne on social media? Our guess is probably $3000–$5000 over 6 days minimum on Facebook will achieve you 660,000 views. Admittedly, it’s not linked to a premium event, but rest assured it will get out to the audience you have targeted, directly and personally.

Want to learn more? Get a professional website – responsive, intuitive and appealing. Develop an effective Social Media campaign that bumps up your Google ranking, and offers its own very real customer connectivity.

Call MBC now on 03 8696 9700 for a free, no-obligation quotation or consultation. Or leave your details here for a prompt response.

Marketing and Branding – it’s what we do!

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