Get results with Social Media and the Marketing and Branding Company.

Anyone in business today must have an active social media presence. Active means regular posts, regular images, videos and links.

Why? Firstly to pay homage to our great new God of commerce – Google. Google is interested in satisfying enquiry. It doesn’t really care so much for you or your old desktop website. And to feed this hungry beast with content the very best diet is one of blogs on subdomains and social media.

Google analytics takes note of all social media driven interactions. It gives you a score. No score? Low ranking is your reward.



Google loves independent content that supports your website as the oracle on your particular subject matter, products and services.

Ranking is also improved with the use of Google owned platforms – Google My Business, YouTube and of course, that old favourite AdWords.

AdWords can be an expensive and frustrating undertaking for new business enterprises. Often business owners find their competitors already ‘own’ the category they are operating in. Short of spending large amounts of money for meagre returns, it’s best to focus your attention on those promotional vehicles you can afford.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 2.28.51 pm

Participation via paid advertising (boosting) on Facebook, Instagram and the other Facebook platforms – WhatsApp and Messenger can be far more effective than AdWords if a clever ongoing strategy is employed.

However a little knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing! Not only must you effectively ‘locate’ your business, you must also carefully select your ‘interests’ to shape the demographics you are targeting. Too many people are entirely precise whereas it’s a funnel approach that works best. Many viewers filtering down to 5-10% genuinely interested in purchasing your product or service.


Marketing principles apply to Social Media just as importantly as has been the case for traditional media – Television, Radio and Press. With 11 million (minimum) people logging onto Facebook daily in Australia alone, you simply can’t afford not to be there. More people now use Facebook than Free to Air Television, Radio and Press combined.

So still don’t know where to start? Call the experts. Call the Marketing and Branding Company on 03 8696 9700 or leave your details here for a prompt reply. From $600 per month plus a monthly Facebook cost of $160, we can put you in front of your preferred audience. Order now and we will set up your pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc)free of charge. We offer service increments of 6 months, 12 months and beyond.

Don’t delay! Tell the world where to find you and what you do!

The Marketing and Branding Company – It’s what we do!

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