Marketing 101 – Online – Are you cutting it?

So you’re using automated systems to post your social media and blogs? Is it the best way to present your business, products and brand to the marketplace?

In most cases the answer is an unqualified no. Instagram isn’t called Instagram for nothing. It’s what’s happening right now. YouTube? Unless you’re creating a catalogue for the akashic records, your videos need to be fresh, vibrant and now. Facebook pages with the most followers are topical – what’s happening becomes the driver. It may be an event, news, a visual, but always it’s got to be fresh.

For simple brand confirmation? Automation is fine but it’s unlikely to do much for a small business looking to gain market traction.


Content Marketing utilises all of the social media platforms you are present on. Google acts for the searcher, not the supplier. The more information online via social media that links directly back to your website, resonates your keywords and phrases and demonstrates your immediacy to potential clients and customers the better.

Don’t be afraid to be bold. Use newsworthy videos from common sources, quote articles from supportive material.

Need help? Need real marketing assistance? Experience counts. At the Marketing and Branding Company we have been doing Social Media and Website interaction forever. We know how to place your advertising and posts – on all Social Media Platforms.

Here’s an offer. Contact us before the end of June and we will give you a 50% discount on your new website. Websites that are customised with professional imagery, videos and copy can range in cost between $3K and $6K. We will also provide your first month of Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc) for free.

Don’t delay – now is the time to commit to a better future for your business. Talk to the experts. Get traffic. But do it with a solid Marketing Strategy.

The Marketing and Branding Company – Telephone 03 8696 9700 or leave your details here.

The Marketing and Branding Company – It’s what we do.

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