When DIY Doesn’t Fly, Get A Marketing Professional

At Marketing and Branding we work with a variety of business types. From small to quite large businesses, the one common denominator is Google visibility. Having a decent budget helps, but it really comes down to how you spend those valuable promotional dollars.


Content now is far more important than just Keywords. In the past SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was simply a matter of tracking Google’s AdWords hit parade of ‘Keywords’. Keywords are still very important, but equally important is the value of the content where these Keywords are found. And it’s a balancing act. You can’t simply reproduce slabs of copy from your website onto social media, articles and advertising. This will get you penalised. You need to be clever, incisive and targeted. And this really means knowing and understanding your mediums.

To be frank, AdWords is an expensive and relatively ineffective medium for many small businesses. It’s very costly to get a foothold in established sectors for a new player. Compared to other spends if your monthly spend is less than $1K per month – forget it.


There is a strong push from both Google and Facebook to attract small local businesses. Google offer ‘Google My Business’. If you are a small café, a locksmith or a motor mechanic, by all means this can work for you. Facebook offer a similar ‘Local Advertising’ option whereby your ad shows up on people’s newsfeeds when they enter a 5-10km radius of your business location. Again if you are running a small localised business fine – go for it.

However, the biggest mistake we see is where Business owners decide to run their own social media campaigns – often with little or no understanding of the platforms they have chosen to use.


Facebook – Often we see business owners posting but neither boosting or promoting their posts. This means they are limited to 15% of their potential market audience, and frankly it’s probably a waste of time.

Posts often do not have keyword usage or are simply the same content repeated. Boosting needs proper demographics. In most cases, the posters follow Facebook’s suggestions. But those are general and won’t help you. You need someone who is a Marketing professional with a skilled understanding of demographics to really achieve cut through.


Boosting in itself is a bit of an art form. If you do not specify a location, then you will be boosting within 5-40km of your current location. This may seem reasonable but with Capital Cities having 80km radius, choose a location that covers the full catchment. Using the State (Victoria, NSW, etc) isn’t sensible. Most consumers are located in the capital cities and larger provincial cities. It’s better to choose the geographic centre of the cities and do so to include nearby provincial cities. For example – Melbourne to capture Ballarat and Geelong.

The spend is important. Small amounts give small rewards. Larger amounts can provide massive cut through. But to achieve meaningful communication with your market, it’s vital that you understand the types of hot buttons those interested in your products might also be interested in. For environmental products – think relevant television shows, magazines, Government bodies and mainstream news sources that feature environmental news. An example but apply it to your situation.


Instagram seems a cost effective promotional package. It is useful for creative types, but remember, you have images only. In a very real sense building up a following can be time consuming. You need clever photographs and images, professionally created to have impact. It’s about your edge. The unique. Your USP. But for heaven’s sake – be cool! And remember – it’s owned by Facebook. Ultimately it will become a totally commercial transaction.

Each platform requires a separate strategy – LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Pinterest – each has very different core values and presentation.

In the long term, the whole rationale behind using Social Media, having a blog, getting articles published, is to achieve a higher ranking based on content proliferation. Google isn’t interested specifically in your business. It’s interested in satisfying its users enquiries. The more relevant content reflecting on your business, the higher your website will rank. But if you operate in a narrow niche market don’t expect massive traffic. However you can achieve a higher ranking in your sector.

So if you’ve been batting away without achieving any real results, give us a call at MBC on 03 8696 9700 or alternatively leave your details here and one of our team will get back to you promptly.

Remember – Content, Visuals and Promotion – the pathway to relevance. Communication with reward. Content and Branding that work with MBC.

The Marketing and Branding Company

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