Marketing – it’s much more than just ‘Digital’

Digital Marketing? Content Marketing? Keywords? SEO? – Just say Marketing.

For many businesses, the new marketing paradigm is totally confusing. OK so we need to be on ‘the first page of Google’. Now there’s a mystery! What exactly is ‘the first page on Google’?


Here are a few possibilities. You sell apples, not just any apples but old fashioned Jonathon Apples. The ideal scenario for you then is to appear – with your unique branding – on the first page on Google for ‘Jonathon Apples’. But is that where you will end up – and is it enough? For many businesses, the first page is simply the Google page with your business name – ‘Bert’s Apples’. How do you ensure you really end up being the best search result for the searcher looking for your products or services?

Marketing isn’t just about Web presence. Point of Sale, PR, Product reach and much more are equally important. What is your ‘call to action’? What is your ‘point of difference’, your ‘unique selling position’?


Are you a ‘red ocean’ or a ‘blue ocean’ market proposition? How can you make any sense of it all? What’s jargon and what’s real?

Come to the light, come into the light – the Marketing and Branding Company will not only guide you but provide you with tangible, workable strategies. Whether it’s TVCs or simply your entry on LinkedIn – it all matters.

And experience – yes experience. Real experience – hey it’s not our first rodeo. Let us take the time to plot a path to market for you – a path that works. Sure it may involve Social Media, it may require a strong product launch. So be prepared. Develop a timeline action plan tied to a full marketing budget.


But here’s the clincher. MAKE IT FUN! Do it with confidence, the right advice and a clever plan. Anything is possible, but by following a plan, it’s far more likely to work. Milestones, goals and ultimately success.

Take the plunge – contact us now and discover that success is dependent on effort, intelligence and experience. Call now on 03 8696 9700 or contact us here.

MBC Digital – Where Marketing meets bandwidth.

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