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For many people, Digital Marketing is the great mystery. “Where do I start?”

“I do Facebook posts but nothing happens”

“What’s the difference between SEO and Content Marketing?”

“How many words should my blog be?”

“Is it really effective?”

One of the serious flaws in early Digital Marketing was that its format was developed and adapted by persons for whom English was a second language. The focus was on keywords and the running Google ‘hit parade’ of trending words was there to be used and manipulated.


Then came the great change. It was twofold. Firstly Google changed its Algorithm to favouring those websites that responded to and answered the enquirer’s (the searcher’s) question. This was validated by the actual bulk of material broadly on the web from the particular website and referring to that website. Links were paramount and frankly still are.

But for anyone who considers spicing up website copy with a few key trending words each week will work – think again – it won’t.

Relevant content does not mean relevant to your business, to your website. No it means relevant to the searcher’s question or enquiry. This means realistically you need to be blogging once a week. Opinions vary on the length of a blog. Here we generally do between 600 and 2000 words – with images. We blog on a sub domain – effectively a second website – and we do it for all our clients weekly. In doing so we create relevant content and … links!


Which brings us to the second major change and this one isn’t connected to Google directly but certainly moves Google – Facebook. Facebook has now decreed that if you or your business do not spend money you will only be seen by your immediate family and close friends. Think about what this means. Whereas in the past it was possible to build up a loyal and interested group who received your posts, that has been curtailed. You must boost your post for a nominated amount and aim it at nominated demographics and interest groups. The more you spend the greater the viewer numbers. Through targeting though you narrow this broad number, but with a little flair you can regain most of the group you have targeted by location with the added zest of genuine interest and relevance.

Each time you broaden your locations – for example Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide when previously you only were only targeting Melbourne, you effectively reduce your spend on each location. Users must have a good understanding of geographic positioning as well as interest groups and demographics seeking your project, product or service.


This all pre-supposes you have ensured you have the visuals, the graphics, the brands and the copy to present a professional page on Facebook. Oh and remember don’t use duplicate copy from your website. That will get you a Google Black Hat!

It’s complicated and is edging towards the same realistic parameters required by Traditional advertising. It requires oil – money – to make it work.

Hiring Professionals means you are targeting your market effectively. MBC can update your website (or renew it), create and service your social media pages, refresh your brands, and update or renew your copy to today’s ‘Responsive’ standard set by Google.

We’re Marketeers, not IT people (although we do understand IT and can use it effectively to market your business).

Call now on 03 8696 9700 or leave your details here for a prompt, friendly reply.

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