An Effective Brand – The Strategy that brings ‘More Sales’

At The Marketing and Branding Company we are entirely focussed on providing great marketing communications, using tactics that suit both your organisation or business, at a cost you can afford.

Quite often when people contact us for Marketing Advice, they are really seeking ‘more sales’. To achieve ‘more sales’ requires broader communication ‘more often’. One person can literally only contact and hold an in depth discussion with a limited number of people. So let’s step this up a bit. We can show you how to reach thousands of people interested in your products or services.


All of us make a buying decision on the following:

  • 70% of people are stimulated by visual images
  • 25% of people are motivated by ‘feeling’ in making a purchase
  • 5% of people depend upon response to audio stimulus – hearing

To make a buying decision all of us combine two of these stimuli to select our desired products or services.

For most it is the combination of Visual and Feeling, or Feeling and Visual. But for very few it is combining audial with visual or feeling.

So what does this mean when considering an advertising campaign? If you’re dependent upon people listening to you – or your staff, then you start with a low transaction of your message. The days of the smooth Salesmen or women are well and truly gone (It always amazes me when the big IT companies, Big Pharma or similar rely so heavily on Sales technique). What drives people to purchase is a visual recognition of their product or service provision and their feelings towards the product.

What you need to achieve is real Communication. Real communication to the point of receiving inward bound traffic, be it online, telephonic or retail visitation and purchase. We have a word for it in marketing – Demand. Consumer Demand, and demand drives sales – ‘more sales’ as the client first requested. Simple huh?


To present effectively in your marketplace you require an effective Brand – a brand that people recognise and empathise with. A brand that symbolises what your business represents, is instantly recognisable and ensures ‘top of mind’ recognition, for your business and its offerings.

You need good advertising mediums. A strong visual website – videos, galleries – your own ‘television station’. Your budget will determine how expansive this is but every day now sees more of a shift towards video presentation via web and social media.

Yes, there is more to the psychology of selling than ‘being on the first page of Google’. I recently visited a Real Estate Agent in Inner Melbourne looking to develop an advertising platform and campaign for a three storey block of luxury apartments with pool and garden. I was staggered to hear that he had received the same offer from 4 ‘marketing’ companies he had contacted and interviewed – ‘we’ll get you on the first page of Google’ – and that was it, nothing more.

What of local marketing – billboards, local press and ‘Domain’, influential bloggers, point of sale brochureware, signage?

A concerted marketing campaign will engage ALL of the available and affordable elements above and more. It’s an integrated strategy specifically suited to your product or your service.


Many purchases are ‘emotional’ purchases – children’s safety devices, perfume, holidays. Other purchases are practical with additional emotive qualities – food, health items, car accessories. And some products are simply visual. Food is often delicately displayed, tissed up with hairspray. We call it ‘Food Porn’. Consumers love it. Colour, a hint of desire, delicious.

Then there are the products that convince you they’re ‘your’ brand. From gambling sites to clothing, to soft drinks, beer and wine. They ‘belong’ to you – wrong – you belong to them.


Advertising is targeted at fulfilling the company’s product position within the marketing cycle:

  1. Gain Interest
  2. USP – Unique Selling Position
  3. Competitive Advantage
  4. Purchase Decision
  5. Purchase
  6. Customer Service
  7. Re-purchase

The front page of Google? With what? A template page you drop your 20 year old logo onto and a few stolen images from obscure websites, copy you’ve written yourself? It only cost $600 – and it doesn’t work.

Make sure you have a brand that works, professional images and copy that is transferrable across a range of mediums – electronic media, print, signage, etc. Always ensure you have copyright permissions.

Ensure you have a genuine ‘call to action’ and an ‘offer’ that your customers will find attractive. But most importantly get a professional team to develop your outward bound communication, your marketing.

At MBC, we don’t do plumbing, haven’t prepared food for sale, nor do we make furniture.


What we do well is creating individual marketing strategies for a wide range of businesses, create memorable brands, websites, brochureware, videos and advertising. We want you to succeed, and bask in your glory.

Start with direction. Get advice backed by real experience. Stand out from the crowd with genuine original artwork and creative copy. Do so and you will experience ‘more sales’ – it’s a sensible investment in your businesses future. Call MBC now on 03 8696 9700 or leave your details here for a free no obligation quote.

The Marketing and Branding Company – take a look and experience the difference.

Marketing is simply smart business.

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