The New Wave in Advertising

The large media organisations are struggling. Advertising revenues are at an all time low. Channel 10 is under administration, Channel 7 has recorded a record loss. Channel 9 is not far off in terms of revenues by way of comparison. The major newspapers are all downsizing, unable to gain sufficient revenues through click for view strategies. Even Murdoch’s News Ltd has posted a record $918 million loss (some say tax loss).


So where is advertising revenue now going? No doubt you’ve now heard the term ‘click bait’? These are those Facebook pages or Twitter feeds that create outrageously attractive false headlines, feed you twenty or more pages of images – of fallen TV stars or Hollywood icons, all the while pumping advertisements for your education and annoyance. Paid for advertising.

So when pages make hugely dubious claims about a popular political figure like Obama – you click. You were baited and now you’ve clicked. Clickbait.


But this isn’t new. Watch popular highest rating programs on free to air television like A Current Affair – ‘Single mother gives birth to quintuplets whilst on benefits’ Outrage! You tune in – and are bombarded with advertisements for consumables. It’s all about traffic, or in old speak – ratings.

But Gen Y and Gen Z and those brand seekers – Gen X have largely determined how to be entirely selective in seeking what it is they desire online. These guys know how to search and Search Engines like Google are well aware of this.


Don’t waste their time with banner adverts or Trojan adware that hitches a ride on all their browser journeys. You’re long gone, banished by AdBlock and other software.

You need to be RELEVANT to the searchers enquiry. The major search engine is Google. On social media the same demographics and targeting applies. You’re being watched! They know you enjoy craft beer and goats cheese, have a fix on action movies, dig hip-hop and are seeking inner peace.

But for those in business, what does this mean? It means you can TARGET your market very effectively – if you know how.


Google isn’t interested in what YOU say about your business, your products, it wants to know what OTHERS think of your offerings. It’s no longer satisfactory to have splendid meta tags describing the perfection of your offerings. You need content. Content on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn for starters. Google doesn’t even bother viewing meta tags anymore.

Content Marketing is THE BOMB. A synchronised, clever approach combines all the value of keyword strategy, reviews covering your products, goods or services, and links that pay major Google dividends.


Facebook can work very effectively for ALL businesses whether business-to-business or business-to-consumer. Having 2000 to 10,000 people view information or advertisements you post on Facebook every week gives a wild boost to your Google ranking – if you engage the right strategy. You must target your demographics carefully and you must spend some money – not much – but some money. Facebook have made it quite clear that unless you spend you can only reach a mere 15% of your audience. But if you dare spend a mere $30-$35 and target your audience carefully you could in fact reach up to 19,000 people over a couple of days. This registers against your website – if you know how.

It does require expertise. The same applies to Twitter and Instagram. Achieving followers is a very real requirement. To do so requires both topical interesting material as well as a thorough understanding of the medium. Use video, use music – select articles that reference your topic, but never provide duplicate copy (ie. copy the same as on your website).


At MBC, we have managed Content Marketing for a range of businesses for over 6 years. As a company we chose to be early adopters of the medium and our clients have benefitted with higher Google ranking, greater visibility and more enquiry.

If you’re interested in taking your place on the web – and owning it – contact MBC on 03-8696-9700 or fill out the contact form on our website here.

Be seen, be active, be profitable. Tell the world who you are, what you do, where you operate and when you can be contacted. Content – it’s the bomb. Good content and you’re the King / Queen. Speak to you soon.


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