Social Media = Content Marketing

Have you noticed those pesky SEO merchants are changing their tune? No longer are they fussing over your ‘keyword strategy’ on your website. Now they want to sell you a Social Media package and a Content Marketing package, WHY? Because that’s what Google wants! And what Google wants, Google gets. At MBC we’ve focussed on Content Marketing for over 5 years and those clients who were early adopters have reaped the benefits – more business, more focussed and relevant enquiries and ultimately? MORE MONEY!

It’s time to get with the program. Google has focussed its attention on Mobile Devces – mobile phones and tablets. For you website to be ‘responsive’ Google has a number of requirements. The design must fit on a phone screen. Your content (or copy) must be of a certain quantity – word strength.


It’s a great idea to have videos on your page. Use YouTube. Google will love you! They own YouTube.

Do Facebook. Have a page. Post weekly. Link to your blogs. Link your blogs to your website. Do Instagram – if you’ve got the photos. Try LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter. All of it becomes related CONTENT.

Do a weekly blog of no less than 250-300 words. Supply images. Have a subdomain for this page separate to your website.


Sell things? Sell them online. Set up a shopping cart. Promote your products on other sites like Etsy and Shopify.

All too hard? Then call us at MBC and for a low monthly fee we can get you started. Call us now on 03 8696 9700 or place an enquiry here on our contact form.

Get a new website that works. Redo your brand. Address your Marketing Strategy. DO SOMETHING. You are only as good as your last advertisement.

Tune in next time for some specific project offers. And remember – you can be offered a sausage from the sausage machine – or you can get a genuine customised program from an enthusiastic group of Industry Professionals. Be you, be the best you can be – with MBC.


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