Are You Visible on the Net?

It’s time. It’s time to claim your place. You’ve had a nice website built, got all the social media links – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. It’s time to deliver what Google tells us it will allocate searchers enquiry upon – good relevant content – across all web mediums.



You need a blog – loaded with content, published every week with a minimum 300 words. It should contain ‘keywords’ and ‘key phrases’ from your website. It should have links to your website. It can refer to articles, blogs and information pertinent to your products and services. It can, in a nutshell, keep your ‘content’ fresh and renewed – and that is Google’s favoured position – you provide fresh and up to date content via blogs, site updates and external articles. Your site will achieve a higher Google ranking. You will receive more referrals from Google. Why? Because your site is relevant – relevant to the searchers enquiries. Your website is recognised as one of the best sources of information on the searchers enquiry. Why?

Because you have continually, on a weekly basis added content to your blogs with keywords and key phrases and this all points back to your website.



Repetition? No? Really? Sometimes it can actually help – but not if it’s straight off your website. Big no no.

So moving on, can videos help? It certainly can! Especially when presented on YouTube (as we said, owned by Alphabet which you probably know as Google)

From week to week look for topics that profile your business. If you run a cafe, have a set menu – talk about the items on the menu, ingredients, cooking, customer response, new items, new flavour trends – be seen and be innovative, having a point of difference.


But if you can’t spot a point of difference why do people continue to return to your business – what for? Is it the variety, the quality of ingredients, your staff, the ambience, the music, the location? Or all of the above – so tell the audience. Refer to Google Maps. Reprint good reviews. put up videos of the cook/chef in action – the barista doing a good long machiato. It’s your time to shine and there are so many simple easy ways to do it. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Trip Advisor, Eat Out… Find the options, get press releases out to Good Food, the Weekly Review, Broadsheet – there are so many great options. And when you find you just don’t have the time to do it but realise the complete importance of a regular campaign, of maintaining an online presence, of holding a strong Google ranking, call us – the Marketing and Branding Company and for a modest monthly fee (starting from $459) we will create an excellent Social Media and Blog campaign that both raises your profile and drives customers to your business.

Social Media – it’s the buzz. Get with the program


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