Brands That Work – Be Seen, Be Rated

Look down the street, or the train or bus you’re riding. People are viewing their smartphones. Actual calls is now but a minor issue. Your smartphone is your personal information device. Data is continually being sent to you and you are continually transmitting data. So is your website ready for this? It is responsive? Can your website be easily read on a smartphone? Do you pass the Google responsiveness test?

Do you show videos on your website? You should, especially YouTube videos. Why? Because Google gives YouTube videos very high value in ranking your website and social media activity. (Google, or Alphabet as the parent company is now known, own YouTube)

Do you use Instagram? Do you upload your Instagram to Facebook? You should. (Facebook owns Instagram)

Do you do all this yourself? You shouldn’t. You don’t have the time, the experience or access to materials that a Professional will have. Images, videos, copy – all is available if you know how. But if you don’t do it properly? No good effect is achieved and you can be penalised.

The Marketing and Branding Company offer a complete Social Media / Blog package. We achieve multiple links through our methodologies and create interesting and exciting copy – no matter what your business.

Be seen, be prominent, be profitable. You have the story, let us tell it for you. Creatively, with panache.

Social Media and Blogging keep your business, its services, its products top of mind. When people seek your products or services you WILL be their first option!

Call us now on 03 8696 9700 or contact us online for a free, no obligations quote. Prices start as low as $300 per month. Let us create real exposure and sales for your business – Now.

It’s Time.


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