So you wish to create a ‘Content Marketing Strategy’? What exactly is a Content Marketing Strategy?

In all the material you create (or have created on your behalf) to promote and communicate your particular business and its opportunities there must be a focus on ‘content’. But Content Marketing takes this direction and goes just that little bit further. It’s about presenting content as a business asset, driving buyers to your website and ‘owning’ your patch of cyberspace.


It’s about having a plan, and the plan is to ensure your product, your business, your service is the Google response in answering what are potential customer enquiries. To do so your website has to rank and to rank you need it to have real relevance to people’s enquiries. Google doesn’t just consider your website. it considers the links to your website, and any material published on the web referring to your business, products or services. This in fact is your opportunity to carve out your ‘place’ on the web.

In creating a content marketing program, it’s important to set goals. For instance increased page visitation based on keyword recognition, establishing links to your website on a monthly basis and developing Social Media and Blog activity in a manner that helps achieve this. In setting your strategy, consider your key business needs and those of your customers. And ensure that there is a ‘buy-in’ from all participants active in the field within your business.


It may be that your business requires an entirely new platform. Your website built 4 years ago is now dated. It’s not mobile responsive and it’s way short on Google’s text requirements. In reality what seemed like a good idea then now just doesn’t cut it in the fierce competition that is E-Commerce. Or your social media pages sit there like cobwebs with no activity on your Facebook, no increase in your LinkedIn network and no company page. You could have a sub-domain selling site with little or no difficulty on the right platform, but it’s ‘too hard’.

If you sell Architectural Mouldings, when somebody enquires about ‘Parapets’ you want to come up top of that enquiry. If you sell fine furniture or aluminium balustrading – same. Old School keyword manipulation isn’t enough. It has to be content and it has to be constant. Blogs each week of minimum 250-300 words, Facebook posts each week a minimum. Add to this YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and you’re getting there.


Get the website you need, the Content Marketing package that works and claim you place, your space on the web. Or you can always let your competitors take it. For further details, contact MBC via email or phone. We’ll be happy to assist you.


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