Update Your Website Now!

20161110a-rgbAt least every 12 months, often every 6 months, Google comes up with significant changes in its Algorithm policies.

What does this mean for someone operating a website? Often it means you are significantly ‘out of date’ virtually overnight.

For instance if anyone has a website that is over 2 years old with no real maintenance or attention, the chances are your site is probably only receiving a maximum of 60% of your potential visitors. Why? Because your site may well not be considered ‘responsive’ by Google. Google now insists your website must be mobile friendly, or as it calls it ‘responsive’. Essentially this requires a separate application of your current site that mimics it on the small screen.

Hey, and remember those nice fellows from the sub-continent? Yes the SEO ones. Wow, immediately you saw your ranking improve. But then you had no idea they connected you and backlinked a Romanian Web Farm to your site with over 20000 non relevant sites lighting up your relevance. Oh hang on! Google penalise that severely? And they are able to discover these links and duplicate copy much easier now? And ‘we got penalised’ you say? Lowest ranking?

Your website is a very important piece of your capitalised equipment for your business. You need up to date Social Media links with actual regular contributions. You must avoid duplicate content. You need to blog and provide good, healthy links (backlinks) to your website from all these sources.

20161110b-rgbWant to learn more? Contact us at the Marketing and Branding Company for more information. And for those needing an update, the first 2 enquiries confirmed and proceeding with theri web projects will receive a genuine 50% reduction in costs.

Call now on 03 8696 9700 for a free consultation and ask for Michael Nelthorpe.


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